Quality assurance

Quality – a matter of conviction

As a customer, you want to be convinced right from the start that every turned part we deliver corresponds reliably with the required standards and dimensions.

Quality is a matter of conviction – not just empty words. NEFF PRÄZISION AG has been supplying its customers with the best quality high precision turned components for generations.

Our orders have shown consistent growth and our long-standing customer relationships prove that we are a reliable partner.

We vouch for consistent and lasting quality management with our name and the personal commitment of the owner.

Your benefits:

transparent order processing

a relationship of trust

Our processes, work sequences and inspection procedures comply with current international quality standards (ISO 9001:2015).

We use proven measurement and testing procedures. The test instruments are calibrated on a regular basis.

Find out for yourself and try us out! You will discover how important quality assurance is in every aspect of life at NEFF PRÄZISION AG.

All our efforts are geared towards achieving quality and producing turned components which completely satisfy our customers… and quite often exceed their expectations.

Our business activities focus on speed, precision, meeting deadlines and flexible adjustment to customer requirements.